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Farmy is the Swiss online farm shop with the bakery for the finest breads and pastries

The Farmy bakery has quite some treats! We at Farmy give great importance to tradition and regionality of our products. For the production of bread and bakery products we combine true principles of cultivation and production process with traditional baking. The high quality of raw materials such as wheat, rye or spelled, combined with the gentle processing, form the two main components of good and healthy bread. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of pastries from the best quality in our online farm shop Farmy. We for regionalism in the manufacturing process of breads, croissants, flans and all our fine bakery products

Vegan Zopf, gluten-free bread. Simply order online

Our partners offer traditional baked bread combined with innovative creations such as gluten-free and vegan products. Our range includes baguettes, croissants, bread rolls, Zöpfli, Ciabatta, Selen and flans. We work exclusively with partners who value sustainable and high-quality production. The sustainability in the production is guaranteed by labels like Demeter or Bio Suisse - and we guarantee the quality. Interested in a sweet croissant or a fruity tart? Then check out our complete bakery range and discover our unusual specialties.

Fresh from the bakery

Good bread must be fresh. That's why we deliver without intermediate storage directly from our partners - and thus straight from the bakery. If you are lucky, the bread is still warm! And if not, you can just heat it up in the oven - heavenly, quality bread. Of course the bakery includes fine pastries. From Christmas cookies to chocolate cake - we have everything your sweet heart desires. Order online today, and enjoy tomorrow. Enjoy your meal!