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Seasonal fruits directly from the tree to the plate

Freshly harvested fruit, straight from the farm - what more could you want? Perhaps the supply up to the front door? The day after the online order? Farmy has almost everything fruit trees have to offer. Seasonal, regional and of course - whenever possible organic. Whether apple or pear: Farmy's seasonal fruit assortment only includes the most select fruits. We offer seasonal fruits fresh from Switzerland, delivered directly from farmers and processed with care. Seasonal consumption is consumption close to nature - but this also means, that certain fruits are not available all year round. The strawberries at Christmas do not come from Switzerland - and you will not find them in the seasonal offer. Because Farmy emphasizes maximum transparency, the producers are always identified in detail. This way conscious consumers can always eat seasonally. But you can rest assured: the products we source from outside Switzerland are guaranteed to stem from the best producers. With oranges, lemons or clementines we are especially pernickety about the fruits being grown in an organic and sustainable manner. During the summer months however we prefer the rich fruits and berries, which the Swiss agriculture has to offer. Fine raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, plums - and many more! These newly-harvested fruits are brought straight to your doorstep, where they inspire your culinary imagination: exquisite fruit in muesli, premium confectionary creations from your own kitchen - or at best enjoy them as they are. This is fruitful delight at its finest! Quickly order online, enjoy and let the sweet fruit melt in your mouth.