1. Ordering process

The minimum order value is CHF 50.
Modifications (except if it has been prepaid by Paypal or card) are possible until 4 pm during the week and 2 days before the date of delivery. You can just call us at
(043 300 86 60, 9am - 6pm) and we will modify your order for free. Cancellations are not possible.
After you've sent your order to Farmy, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your order number.
Just click on the product category that interests you and the product page will open, where you can choose individual products and add them to your shopping basket in the desired quantity. Alternatively, just type the desired product into the search box on the top right.
It can happen that some products are not available, and other products that carry the same quality labels will be shipped in their stead. You will receive an Email with the necessary information of the change in products. In the case that you are not happy with with the changes that have been made, do not hesitate to contact us by Email (service@farmy.ch) or by telephone. We will gladly remove the unwanted product from your order.

2. Delivery & pick-up

We deliver to any place (all indeces) in Swizerland and Liechtenstein.
Cantons Zurich, Zug and Aargau:
Here, we deliver personally with our environmentally friendly e-bikes or our own couriers.

All other cantons:
A specialist logistics firm helps us to deliver to the rest of Switzerland, whereby goods are kept cool at 2-5 degrees even during transportation, and are therefore kept as fresh as possible.

If you are not at home, we will leave your order in front of your door. Perishable goods are kept in special cool-bags with cooling pads, so you don't need to worry, even if you can only put your shopping in the fridge in the evening. If you do not want the products to be placed in front of your door, you can also leave a message when submitting the order, stating how and where we should leave your order e.g. to leave it with a neighbour or to hide the bags somewhere.
In general: Next day delivery for cantons Zurich, Zug and Aargau (if order is submitted until midnight). The day after tomorrow for all other cantons (if order is submitted until midnight). Weekend: For cantons Zurich, Zug and Aargau we also pack on Saturday and deliver it the same day between 14 and 18 (if order is submitted on Friday until midnight). For all other cantons the earliest possible delivery is on Tuesday.

A. Cantons Zurich, Zug and Aargau:
Mornings: Tuesday - Saturday: 9-11 or 10-12 or 9-13
Evenings: Monday - Friday: 17-19 or 18-20 or 17-21
Flexible: Monday - Friday: 9-21
Saturday: 14-16, 16-18 and 14-18
Sundays and holidays: No delivery

B. All other cantons:
Tuesday - Saturday: 6-14
Sundays and holidays: No delivery

If the courier is with you before 8 am, he has been advised not to ring on the bell and to leave the order in front of the door or according to your delivery instructions.

Sunday and holidays: no delivery
Here you can calculate your delivery costs according to your postcode: Calculate delivery costs
If your order is not with you punctually, or you just want to check the current status of your order, just call us (043/3008660) or write us a short e-mail at service@farmy.ch.
You can either give any packaging materials (bags, cooling pads etc.) and empty bottles back to the courier directly or just leave them in front of your door and the courier will gladly take them away for you.
Please send us an email to service@farmy.ch indicating the kind and amount of returned bottles and we will reimburse you the amount on your Farmy balance.
Our frozen products are sent out with isolating bags and dried ice. A handling fee of CHF 5 is billed for the dry ice. Please take care with the dry ice! Use gloves as it has a temperature of -78C! A direct skin contact may cause serious frostbites! Keep out of reach of children!

3. Payment

We offer various payment methods: Mastercard and Visa, invoice, PayPal, Postfinance cards and Postfinance e-transfer.
Payments with us are processed and protected by the company PAYONE. PAYONE is certified with the highest level of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and thereby fulfills the strictest security standards for the protection of credit card data.

PAYONE GmbH & Co was founded in 2002 and counts over 2,000 e-commerce businesses from different branches and countries among its customers, of which many are big-name companies such as Immonet, Globetrotter Ausrüstung, HD PLUS, Fujitsu, Zalando, Hawesko, Sony Music and Hallhuber.

4. Returns

Money-back guarantee!

We don't waste time here. If you think that a product isn't 100% fresh, you'll get your money back or a refund on your account. Just call us on (043 300 86 60; 9-18.00) or write us a short e-mail at service@farmy.ch.

5. Producers

We have clear criteria for the selection of our producers:

All producers come from Switzerland. The only exceptions are individual producers of e.g. olive oil, coffee or winter vegetables that cannot be sourced from Switzerland, but are desired by most customers.

We stick to the shortest possible distance from the producer to us. Only if all the asparagus is gone from the Zurich area it will be sourced from Wallis.

3. BEST QUALITY (organic and/or regional foods from small producers)!
Most of our producers manufacture their products according to organic standards. So that the organic-jungle does not become a thicket, we compared the commonly used certificates here. The appropriate organic labelling is always given on every product. As well as organic products, we also have other high-quality regional products.

Almost all of our producers are small organisations with sustainable production and cultivation. It's important to us to help small producers. No mass production, just quality. Why make the big producers even bigger when there are much nicer small businesses?

Almost all of our producers do not deliver to well-known large distributors. Many of our products can only be found at Farmy - or directly from the farm shop. Do you know about a producter and want to see them at Farmy? Super! We're always looking for suitable producers. If you have your eye on a candidate, just write to us at thomas@farmy.ch or call us on
043 300 86 60.

Product groupProductShelf life after reception
FishGeneral3 days
MeatBonesFrozen product
 Chicken5 days
 Dried meat20 days
 Minced meat3 days
 Ravioli13 days
 Sausages (Bratwurst etc.)4 days
 Spaetzle29 days
 Veal5 days
Milk productsButter from raw milk7 days
 Cow milk cheese7 days
 Cream7 days
 Cream cheese7 days
 Fondue mixture Natürli14 days
 Fondue mixture Pico Bio7 days
 Fresh milk (pasteurized)7 days
 Goat cheese7 days
 Goat milk curd7 days
 Joghurt Bio7 days
 Joghurt Demeter7 days
 Lactose free curd7 days
 Lactose free milk7 days
 Low fat curd7 days
 Raclette cheese7 days
 Raw milk3 days
 Schafmilchquark Bifidus7 days
 Skimmed milk7 days
 Soft cheese3 days
 Soy products20 days
 Strong flavored cheese7 days
 Sweden milk7 days
 Whole milk curd3 days
Vegetables (specials)Washed salad mixtures & sprouts2 days

6. Customer service & availability

By phone:
Monday - Saturday from 9am to 6pm: 043 300 86 60

On Sundays and holidays we're not available by phone.

Email :