What is Hofpass?

Hofpass is a free delivery subscription. You pay a flatrate and enjoy free deliveries for the chosen period of time. Hofpass allows you to order care-free without shipping cost.

How do I use Hofpass?

You can subscribe to Hofpass on step 3. "delivery" in the checkout process. Hofpass will then be added to your order automatically. You can view the details of your HofPass in the section "My Account". Keep in mind that Hofpass will only be active for one delivery address. So please be careful which address you choose to use.



Free delivery to one address from Tuesday to Thursday

1 Month


usually CHF15.90

6 Months


CHF 13.17 /per month

12 Months


CHF 12.42 /per month

Hofpass Plus

Free delivery to one address from Monday to Saturday

1 Month


usually CHF18.90

6 Months


CHF 16.50 /per month

12 Months


CHF 15.75 /per month

Important: The Hofpass subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of its runtime. The reduced price will not be applied for automatic renewals of the subsciption. When the Hofpass subscription automatically renews, the normal price (striked) will be used. For example, if you subscribe to 1 months of Hofpass in Zürich the price is CHF 8.90. When this subscription automatically renews at the end of the month CHF 15.80 will be charged.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 043 300 86 60 or write an email to service@farmy.ch.

The whole Farmy team wishes you a great delivery and happy shopping.