From the farm to the office

Fresh fruits straight from the field into your office kitchen - vitamins for the whole team! Healthy snacks and more: brekkies, elevenses and tea time and the obligatory caffeine kick for between. Here you get everything from a single source and delivered directly to your office.


Our baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables are an eye-catcher for every reception area or break room.

Office Seasonal Fruit Basket

CHF 39.95 / 5 Persons

Birchermüesli basket

CHF 35.95 / Basket

Weekday breakfast

CHF 44.90 / Basket

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning drive away hunger and worries. In addition, they promote concentration and health.

Organic bananas Max Havelaar, ripe

Horizontes Organicos
CHF 1.65 / 0.5kg

Gala apples

Jucker Farm
CHF 5.40 / kg

Organic Navel oranges, Ribera DOP

CHF 2.25 / 0.5kg

Carrots, washed

Gebrüder Meier
CHF 1.30 / 0.5kg

Coffee & Tea break

Es gibt nichts über den Geruch frisch gebrühten Kaffees. Ob mit Milch und Zucker oder schwarz serviert, Kaffee ist der Büro-Renner schlechthin. Oder darfs lieber eine Tasse Tee sein?

House Blend Coffee, 1kg

CHF 32.00 / Pack


Start your work day full of energy. With our breakfast selection everyone will find the right breakfast snack.

Blueberry yogurt Demeter, 180g

Alpine Dairy Bachtel
CHF 1.70 / Glass

Rustico butter croissant, 60g

Stiftung St. Jakob
CHF 1.60 / Croissant

Birchermuesli seeds, 230g

CHF 4.60 / Cup


Now fill the office storage cabinet with our large selection of small, healthy nibbles for the small hunger between!

Bio Almond croissant, 90g

Bäckerei Neuhof
CHF 3.80 / Croissant

Bio chocolate bars dark fairtrade, 22g

CHF 1.10 / Piece

Bio Nut-mix, 150g

Mahler & Co.
CHF 7.90 / Pack

Organic mixed biscuits, 250g

Bäckerei Neuhof
CHF 17.00 / Pack

Smoothies & Juices

Smoothies and juices are the ideal intermediate meal for the office and are available in all colors of the rainbow!

Apple juice, 27.5cl

CHF 4.50 / Bottle

Organic Smoothie 0816, 250ml

CHF 7.50 / Bottle


Cooking together is essential for a good team spirit and gives energy for the whole day. Prepare our fresh and healthy products in no time.

Organic cottage cheese, 200g

Biedermann Dairy
CHF 3.55 / Cup

Organic spinach tart, Ø 13cm, 260g

Bäckerei Neuhof
CHF 7.20 / Piece


Always be perfectly prepared for company aperitifs, small birthday parties and a spontaneous evening beer.

Bier Paul 01, 30cl

Bier Paul
CHF 2.10 / Bottle

Bio Sesame Butterflûtes, 150g

Fine Bakery Guggenloch
CHF 6.90 / Pack


Everyone knows: good work can only be achieved with sufficient liquid. That's why we have a wide range of drinks available for you.

Vivi Kola Klassisch, 33cl

Vivi Kola
CHF 1.95 / Bottle

GAZOSA Arancia Dolce, 35cl

GAZOSA La Fiorenzana
CHF 2.80 / Bottle