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Muesli, honey and sweets from the online farm shop Farmy

What a great start to the day with a of cup muesli with a freshly brewed coffee on the sun terrace! Or how about a slice of bread with fine honey, jam or fine delicate jelly? Healthy and beautiful: This is the range of muesli and sweet things at the Farmy online farm shop

Crunchy muesli from Switzerland

Not only healthy and nutritious for breakfast, but also very tasty are the various muesli varieties in the online farm shop Farmy. So that no wish remains unfulfilled. Whether with berries or nuts, oats or wheat, or crispy birchermüesli - so each muesli fan is catered for. When selecting our muesli we pay attention especially to the combination of ingredients. It is important to us that the products are regionally produced and collected. So it tastes great!

Organic, regional and sustainably good

And the good conscience does not suffer from it, because you are support regional producers with your purchase. Since we are an online farm shop, the production always plays a more important role in the selection of muesli to our own expectations and the organic scheme. We only want to offer products with the best local and organic ingredients. So you know that something good is in the muesli, labels such as Bio Suisse and Demeter testify quality and sustainable production. So nothing gets in the way of the perfect start to the day with a delicious muesli!

Confectionery, honey and jam: sweeten everyday life in a healthy way

Enjoy the environment and nature conscious gourmets without remorse with organic confectionery and regional sweets from Switzerland. Jams from sun-ripened local fruits and berries, the farmers cultivate with much care, provide a healthy and extremely tasty spread for the balanced breakfast. Equally delicious are the jams produced in a gentle and environmentally-safe way for omelettes and rice pudding or as irresistible fillings of pies and cakes. You can also sweeten organic muesli and regional cereals from Switzerland with it. The many different types of honey, which our online farm shop has in its range are among the most popular organic confectionery and regional sweets from Switzerland. Smooth and creamy chestnut, forest or summer flower honey is a real treat - pure, on fresh bread or as a sweetener in beverages and pastries. The valuable ingredients of high quality, domestic honey promote the health and resilience.

Conscious snacking is more fun

Sweet teeth can find many products in the online farm shop that make sweetness tempers happy - the healthy way! A delicious Muesli bar for example supplies immediate energy and tastes wonderfully nutty. Vegan cookies from natural ingredients provide the ideal companion to a cup of tea or coffee. Gluten-free treats for gluten intolerance - without hesitation.

Enjoy your meal!