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Les Romaines Chardonnay La Côte AOC, 75cl, 2014

Les Frères Dutruy
CHF 31.90 / Bottle

Bio Primitivo Piedalto, 75cl, 2017

CHF 11.90 / Bottle

Montepulciano CALICE, Demeter DOC, 75cl, 2016

Orsogna Winery
CHF 15.50 / Bottle

Pirouette Fendant du Valais AOC, 75cl, 2017

CHF 17.90 / Bottle

Nobler Weisser, 75cl, 2017

Nadine Saxer
CHF 18.95 / Bottle

Bio Vinzel Chasselas Demeter, 50cl, 2016

Domaine La Capitaine
CHF 12.95 / Bottle

Prosecco, 75cl, 2015

Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo
CHF 14.75 / Bottle

Bio Terra Luna Bianco, 75cl, 2017

Bosco del Merlo, Paladin
CHF 10.90 / Bottle

Bio Menade Verdejo Rueda, 75cl, 2017

Bodegas Menade
CHF 14.50
/ Bottle

Mélodia Rosé, 75cl, 2017

Domaine de Bassac
CHF 11.90 / Bottle

Mélodia Blanc, 75cl, 2017

Domaine de Bassac
CHF 10.70
/ Bottle

Bio Lascaux Garrigue Rouge AOC Languedoc, 75cl, 2015

Château de Lascaux
CHF 15.50 / Bottle

Sauvignon blanc, 2018

Nadine Saxer
CHF 19.95 / Bottle

Nobler Blauer, 75cl, 2017

Nadine Saxer
CHF 19.95 / Bottle

Bio Merlot Friuli Grave DOC, 75cl, 2017

CHF 10.50 / Bottle

Bio Barbera d'Alba DOC, 75cl, 2015

CHF 17.90 / Bottle

Côte du Rhône Villages AOC Demeter, 75cl, 2014

Domaine des Amadieu
CHF 14.85
/ Bottle

Zweigelt Unplugged, 2016

Hannes Reeh
CHF 21.90 / Bottle

Mythos white VdP Suisse, 75cl, 2017

Weingut Landolt
CHF 13.90 / Bottle

Lansilo Bianco di Merlot DOC, 75cl, 2017

Cantina il Cavaliere
CHF 18.50 / Bottle

Spumante Rosé Motivo Extra Dry, 75cl

Borgo Molino
CHF 14.90 / Bottle

Five Roses - Rosato Salento IGT, 75cl, 2017

Leone de Castris
CHF 13.50 / Bottle

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Whether white, rosé or red: Our wines are excellent, award-winning and of course if possible organic. This means that the winemakers work without chemical additives, the vineyards are naturally protected from pests or other inconveniences. And yes, even vegetarian wine can be found in Farmy range - manufactured guaranteed without animal use. And the best part: you can browse and we will provide the high quality bottles up to your front door. No need to carry, no stress - just pure pleasureYou can find a wide variety of wines in our online farm shop assortment. From delicate rosé to a chic Prosecco all wines are represented. From Switzerland or from the nearby region of winemakers who know their stuff. Quality rather than quantity, enjoyment instead of commodity: that is our philosophy and this is especially true for good wine. We work exclusively with small, specialized companies that we know and whom we trust. Transparency is important to us: this is why we introduce all of our winers with a profile. Make yourself a picture - and get inspired for one or another trip to the wonderful wineries. In vino veritas: the ancient Romans knew how to appreciate good wine to

A sip, a good meal and a good deal - all it takes.