Pre-Order your Christmas shopping

Pre-Order Christmas Shoppings - delivery until the 24. December

Christmas is known to be the feast of the senses - At Farmy, Christmas is all about culinary contemplation. Our Christmas assortment shines with the freshest products in the highest quality. Order comfortably from home and sleep in on Christmas morning until your Christmas shopping is conveniently delivered to your door. This is how the holidays become enjoyable days. And even the gift stress we spare you: Because what brings more joy than a relaxed get-together and pure enjoyment? Merry Christmas!

Fondue Chinoise

Bio Chinese fondue, Galloway beef

Pico Bio
CHF 11.00 / 100g

Bio Chinese fondue, pork

Pico Bio
CHF 7.00 / 100g

Fondue chinoise, chicken KAGfreiland

Butchery Karl Abegg
CHF 9.95 / 100g

Christmas poultry

Free-range goose, ca. 3.5-4.0kg

Jucker Farm
CHF 145.00 / Piece

Free-range goose, ca. 2.5-3.0kg

Jucker Farm
CHF 99.00 / Piece

Bio Mini-brother rooster, ca. 0.5-0.7kg

Family Clavadetscher
CHF 16.00 / Cock

Free-range goose, ca. 3.0-3.5kg

Jucker Farm
CHF 125.00 / Piece

Beef Wellington & other meat specialities


Bio Moitié-moitié fondue, 1kg

Fromagerie Gumefens Avry
CHF 39.95 / Pack

2er fondue with Glarus alpine cheese, 600g

Milchzentrale Gössi
CHF 21.00 / Bag

Einsiedler fondue mix ready to use (2 persons), 600g

Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln
CHF 19.95 / Pack


Bio Walliser raclette, tangy, slices, 450g

Bio-Bergkäserei Goms
CHF 19.90 / Bag

Mixed raclette, in slices, 450g

Pico Bio
CHF 16.30 / Bag


Sliced ​​smoked salmon, 250g

Zahner Fishtrade
CHF 16.25 / Pack

Scallops MSC, individual

Maxima Seafood
CHF 3.95 / Piece

Wild mud flat oysters, 12 pieces

Vom Fischer & syner Fru
CHF 34.90 / Box

Vegan Christmas

Sweet temptations

Vienna confectionery large, 380g

Stiftung St. Jakob
CHF 34.20 / Pack

St. Nicolas products

Bio Peanuts roasted

Gerelli - Die Rösterei
CHF 3.10 / 250g

Fine wines

Rioja Crianza La Montesa, 75cl, 2015

Bodegas Palacios Remondo
CHF 19.80 / Bottle

Brut millésimé AOC, 75cl, 2010

Champagne André Clouet
CHF 59.80 / Bottle

Ronco Bain DOC, 75cl, 2016

Guido Brivio
CHF 22.00 / Bottle

Organic tasting set Italia, 6 pieces

Terra Verde
CHF 93.50 / Set

Christmas presents

Farmy Gift Set "Pasta-chat"

CHF 45.50 / Gift box

Turicum Gin Longdrink Set

Better Taste
CHF 63.00 / Set

Grisons gift-set "Piz Bernina"

CHF 54.90 / Gift box

Grisons gift-set "Viva la Grischa"

CHF 64.90 / Gift box