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Vegetables and fruit fresh from the online farm shop

At Farmy vegetables are more than just an agricultural product: Our farmers accompany their carrots, tomatoes & co. from sowing to harvest and with great attention to craft - and the product.

Fresh, fine and sustainable

True agriculture means working with nature. This is particularly evident in our extensive organic assortment: Without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, our organic farmers must face the adversities of nature by other means. For example they free individual plants from pests by hand; or by harnessing the natural course of nature using the beneficial advantage - such as the targeted use of animals and organisms, which can render the pests harmless. Farmy guarantees freshness and top quality from the field to the plate. At the same time we can offer our farmers a fair wage for their hard work, because Farmy works directly with the suppliers, not countless middlemen who press the farmers' wages. This way we guarantee that producers receive a fair price for their valuable products - and you will be rewarded as a consumer with the best quality.

For a fair agriculture

Life as a farmer is not easy: animals are fed early in the morning, stables mucked out, vegetable fields maintained and orchards processed. During harvest time the work shifts often last until late into the night to gather the harvest in time and to save it from weather-related hazards. Our local and regional partner companies supply us with the freshly harvested vegetables and the fully filled fruit crates straight from the field without intermediate storage, which we then process and deliver directly to the doorstep.

It can be this easy to order regional organic fruit and vegetables online in the farm shop!

And the best part is, that your health and well-being will be grateful for ordering fresh or regional vegetables that get processed into delicious meals. It is not just the knowledge, that the ordered vegetables are free of pesticides and other harmful substances and have grown in harmony with nature, but also the feeling of real vitality and strength. When the body gets what it needs, it automatically performs the "important" things in life better.

Easily order fresh fruit and vegetables online

Fresh from the Field to table: at Farmy the vegetables don't spend days sitting on the shelf. To order online means to obtain supplies directly from the producers. And because we know how little you have for everyday shopping, we make it easy for our customers to feed themselves and their families in a wholesome and healthy manner. The benefits of our comfortable supplies that can be combined individually at any time, are obvious: come home, unpack - and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!